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Even the most experienced rider can benefit from horsemanship sessions. Becoming an expert equestrian is a life-long journey which is what makes it such an interesting and engaging hobby, or as some would say, a life-long passion. We can help you improve your technique, your confidence or indeed teach you a whole new skill such as Western-style barrel racing or carriage-driving.








Horsemanship Sessions...

Horsemanship Sessions at Hollis Ranch cover all aspects of horse management and riding. Our objective is that you will end each session with a better understanding of how to communicate with and care for your horse both in the saddle and out. We aim to make Horsemanship sessions fun for both you and your horse!

Horsemanship sessions are custom designed based upon the ability and proficiency of the participant. Hollis Ranch uses SAFETY as our #1 Priority and will start you from the ground up based upon your level of need and ability. Horsemanship packages can be designed using your horse or one of our quality mounts.

You will learn to handle horses safely and have a more balanced and confident seat. This will help you become more effective with your aids and you will have a much clearer line of communication with your horse. Your individual needs are taken into consideration as we tailor the program to you. Horsemanship packages are available in English, Western and also Gaited horses.

Whether you want to feel more confident in the Show Ring or be riding better and safer just for pleasure, one of your goals by the end of the Custom Horsemanship session should be for you to feel confident and able to ride comfortably not only in our Indoor and Outdoor arenas, but also to enjoy riding freely through the many trails throughout Hollis and New England. You might also want to join us on one of our many Specially Designed Horse Trips to various Trail Ride outings we make throughout the region..

Workshops & Clinics...

Equine Workshops & Clinics at New Hampshire's Premiere Facility At Hollis Ranch, our workshops and clinics are designed to help you fill any holes in your horse's foundation and to work with you, at your level, on areas of ground skills and riding that may be of concern to you.

Our clinics and workshops follow the "Rule of the 5 Cs"

You will develop the confidence which encourages your horse to have confidence in you. You will learn how to communicate more effectively with your horse and to understand his communication with you. You will learn how to correct inadvertent bad habits or poor form. All workshops and clinics are customized to meet your specific needs. You will learn how to care for your horse from the basics to the specifics

We will observe, educate and develop a plan for you to work with whether your discipline is English or Western with a focus on jumping, trail work, hunt-seat, competition or just riding for pleasure.

What says "Good Horsemanship" to you?...

A sound knowledge of equine behaviour? Knowing how to work with your horse? Enjoying every minute you spend with your horse?

What do you look for when selecting a workshop or clinic?

These sessions will create a cleaner and more concise language between you and your horse by utilizing goal setting and positive reinforcement.