Testimonials from Happy Clients...

Katherine B

We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our little man, Leroy. He’s a really nice boy, very reasonable, tries to please and definitely prefers kids. He and Cate are bonding nicely and he’s settling in to northern VT well. We’ve had some great adventures and look forward to many, many more!

Thanks again for this lovely boy!

Katherine B.


Hi Rich,

I couldn't be any happier with Amigo!!! He is everything I've ever wanted in a horse. He is absolutely perfect for me! 😀 My guy Rich gets on him and rides like a pro and he has never ridden a horse before lol
My dream is to have Rich ride with me too so I may be in the market for another one just like Amigo!

Thank you again for everything!



“Rich and Libby were very helpful, professional, answered all of our questions and offered as much information about horses and horsemanship. We had a great experience with Rich at Hollis Ranch and we know we can call him anytime we have a question. We purchased Wizard and he is everything we wanted in a horse. Gentle, friendly and very well trained. We look forward to many years with Wizard. He is a great addition to our family!!
We also want to add that the transportation was A++++! Hope to be rodeoing soon Rich.”.

Bill and Jo-Ann


“I grew up in dairy country in Northern New York where horses were trained to be hard working members of the family. After moving to southern New England later in life, it seemed horses were trained to just run a course and not have a true connection to its rider or owner. Rich and Libbie reminded me that there are still equestrians out there who know how to train horses to be caring partners and amazing workers/jumpers. They run a terrific program building both solid animals and riders. I wholeheartedly trust that I could put my children on any of their horses and they would be well taken care of. You can’t go wrong learning or purchasing from Hollis Ranch, L.L.C.”.



Hi there!
We’re definitely loving Durango. He’s so easy to handle and such a sweet personality. Grandkids met him yesterday and he’s the kid favorite! Also, He’s already become very attached to his new buddy Gandalf. Will follow this with a couple of pics.

Thanks for selling us a super horse!


"Ollie" is working out great 👍



Absolutely loving Pancho! He is doing great. Many thanks for all your support.



I just wanted to share some pics with you. I bought my horse Artex “Isys Pride” from you guys 21 years ago this June. He turns 25 in a few days and he’s been the best horse a person could hope for. Just wanted you to see how handsome he is in his old age and he’s been an amazing horse. So grateful for him.



Hi Rich,
Just sending an update on Ronan (now named Copper). He is amazing and settling in at our home with ease.

Thanks for providing us with another great horse!


I have been getting Horsemanship Lessons at Hollis Ranch with their Trainer/Barn Manager, Ariana for several months now and couldn't be happier. Ariana is extremely knowledgeable about horses and is able to impart her wisdom consistently to someone who has never had a lesson before. She is flexible and is able to adapt her teaching style and methods to your individual learning style and knowledge base. This is NOT your basic trail ride lesson. You'll be learning everything about horses; from grooming, Show More...groundwork, liberty work, etc. It's very comprehensive and you'll be learning on different horses as well. The facility is very nice, clean and large. I can't say enough about my positive experience there. I will also buy my horse from them as well when I'm ready. AB ...Show Less

Hello Again Hollis Ranch,
This is Brittl with Happy Hooves. We love Hans! He has been doing so well here. All the kids love him and he has become a great therapy horse! Thanks for all the training you gave to him.
We are now looking for a small horse or pony to come into our therapy program.
Hope all is well at Hollis Ranch!

Most Sincerely,
Happy Hooves

Rich - we lost our special boy PONDERAIA's RIO GRANDE (Rio Hoss) aka 'MEXICO', in early August.
He was a GREAT horse and gave me SIXTEEN YEARS of awesome memories: parades, beach runs, trail rides. He did it all - thank you for selling me such a good boy!

Dear Uncle Rich and Aunt Mary Beth,
I want to thank you for finding me!! The trip east was very comfortable in your customized horse trailer. Upon arriving at your home , you made every effort to see to my needs. I met some new horse friends and made friends with the humans who took great care of us.
Show More...I am writing to let you know that Hollis NH, where you had brought me, was very hard to leave. Thankfully you found a human who is trying to fill your shoes.
Since you delivered me to this new home 12 days ago, I have been able to eat and sleep well. The girl takes me out daily and shows me the area from many different paths. I have been able to find my way back to the barn almost immediately. She loves how easy I am to catch, to stand for tacking up including fly spray, stand steady for mounting, go eagerly away on our walk about, I am cautious upon meeting new people (so far I have only met nice ones), I do not hesitate to see new things and places, passing people, bikes, cars, four wheelers without a care. Life is good!! I look forward to many years and miles with this new owner....Show Less

Thanks again,
PS: my new owner doesn’t FB but said you could use my letter of reference in any form as you see fit.
PPS: I will be sure to keep in touch but would also love to hear from you both XOXO

I hope all is well there
I wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with Slate. He is everything you said he would be. We’ve ridden about 75 miles together in the six weeks since he arrived here and are now riding about 20 miles per week. We always ride with a friend - Teddy - a Tennessee Walker. Slate Show More...does not care if he’s leading or following. He is always polite, never aggressive. He does what I ask when I ask and does not question (very much). His neck rein is super. He has a big stride and is very comfortable to ride. We’ve opened up to a gallop just once - he can definitely go - but I don’t really do that anymore. An easy lope, a trot or walk are more our pace. He mostly manages to keep up with Teddy’s walk - pretty good for a quarter horse. He integrated very well and very quickly with the herd at the stable. Heidi has been using him in her lesson programs and trail rides and he has been excellent for her.
So - bottom line - I’m grateful to have him. Thank you!
...Show Less

Best regards,

Thank you HOLLIS RANCH! We are super excited to have SUGARFOOT be a part of our family! Looking forward to many years of fun and adventure with this lovable guy!️

"Our horses make Happy Clients:"
Dear Richard, Greetings from my home in Brittany, westernmost place in France, to you with best wishes for the rest of the summer. Special thoughts for your wonderful horses, Tricks, Sugarloaf, Audrey, without forgetting your favourite, Sparkle!

Hi Rich! Big Mac passed the vet check and he is settling in even more and is being well loved and taken care of! My Ava is a happy girl and so is Mac……thank you!!
Happy Trails to you.

Thank you for the Certificate of Registration for Buckeye. Buckeye is fantastic and "all that". I know you knew that, but being new to the horse world, I still need Show More...to develop that discernment and keen eye you have. Fortunately between you and Grace, you both guided me well. After every ride or quality time with Buckeye I am smiling ear to ear and full of joy. He's got great work ethic and seems always happy when I come to get him from the paddock to work with him, whether ground work or in the saddle. He takes good care of me on the trails - we whoop it up, he gives me his ear and a nice bend. I can't say enough about him.
Happy Memorial Day. Enjoy your work with your other horses - you do great work. ...Show Less

Thank you again.

Happy New year 2016 to Hollis Ranch. Just a note to let you know Diablo has adjusted well and we are very pleased with him. Our trainer is amazed at how much he knows! He loves the trail and our daughter waits for his nicker every morning when he sees her. Thank you again for Diablo!

The Lustig's

Hi Rich,
I just wanted to check in and let you know that we are absolutely thrilled with Chester! He is the perfect horse for our program and is doing very well. He is already Show More...best buddies with our welsh pony, Justin, and is a huge favorite among the kids for his sweet demeanor on the ground as well as under saddle. He is also a great trail horse, and is schooling nicely at the canter now. :) Thank you for selling us such a quality animal; you will be the first person I contact when I am in the market to add to our herd again! Attached you will find a photo of him teaching a lesson to one of the girls. :) ...Show Less


Cinder is getting along just fine. I’m thrilled to find he is safe in traffic. Thank you for working with me in purchasing this fine horse. I’m sure we will have lots of miles of fun ahead of us.

Joan Alger

13 years later:
I bought cody from you in 2001 - he’s moved from Maine to California, first to the city (Huntington Beach) and then to Carmel Valley, Show More...which is close to heaven for human and beast. He’s been a wonderful, trouble-free boy all these years - go anywhere, do anything sort of guy, whether ponying a rehabbing horse or crossing the river on cobbly rocks or you name it. Thank you. ...Show Less

Virginia Thorndike

Hi Hollis Ranch!
I just realized, it has been a year and a half since I purchased my wonderful boy from you. His name was "Little Joe" when I purchased him, I have changed it to "Apache".

He is a wonderful horse with TONS of personality and the ultimate in-your-pocket puppy dog horse. Where I board him, he is a barn favorite. That's saying something considering there are about 60 other horses there. Haha!

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Thank-you for everything!


Hi Lynn and Rich,
I'd been intending to send you a note for a while. To sum things up: we absolutely love our new horse!

I expected that it would take time for a bond to grow with a new horse, but right away after he arrived here both Steve and I had a connection with him, and he seemed to bond to us very quickly. I must say though, that right away we felt a new name for him was necessary -- somehow GPS did not seem appropriate for such an elegant and intelligent horse! We settled on Agazander (Zander or Z for short), after an ancient Greek sculptor who created magnificent horses.

We have a great time together on the trails; he loves to explore new trails, is great alone or with a group, and will go first, last or in the middle. Since he moves out so strongly, we usually take the lead. He gets lots of comments from passers-by on how handsome he is! He's absolutely great with the other horses too. Once we turned him out with the others, he immediately became the boss, but without so much as a dirty look at the other horses, let alone a kick. Even though they were more senior, they immediately fell in line behind him. When a new pony moved in, that pony was of course lowest on the totem pole. However, if the other horse started making any sign of aggression toward the pony, Zander would immediately step in between them to protect the pony and prevent any aggressive behavior from others. He is an unusually kind boss.

He really enjoys people too. When he sees me coming, he'll cross the pasture to greet me. If I take time to sit out there with the horses, he'll come over and graze right next to me. One time, when I was leaning against the fence talking with someone, Zander came up behind me and rested his head on my shoulder for quite a while, just being part of the conversational group! He just likes being together. He is very, very fond of Steve too.

As you can tell, we are happy to have him. And I know he is very happy here.
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All the best,
Mary McNerney

Hi Rich!
Thor just completed his first Hunter Pace in tremendous time (12 seconds from optimal time!) and barely broke a sweat. Show More...He could have just kept going. He is in awesome shape and loves to work! I just want to tell you what a GREAT horse he is and how much fun we are having - both on the trails and in the ring with his dressage training! Getting Thor - and coming to Hollis Ranch - was the best decision I ever made!!...Show Less
Mary & Mr. T.

Hi Rich:
Dorothy & Will are adjusting well. We've ridden almost everyday-with pleasure! Best to Lynn.

Bayne & Jeanie

Hi There!
Just wanted to share some pictures with you. Kristen took Ginger out on the beach last Saturday with some friends. Had a great time! Ginger did very good-enjoyed the ride herself. Kristin is very happy with Ginger. Thanks again.
Patty & Kristin

Dear Rich,
So sorry it took us so long to give you an update on Rock Star. We've been very busy with his training. He is exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a horse that was sound and sane and that's hard to find. We also wanted a green horse that my daughter could gain experience training and create a true bond with. 

Rock Star is amazingly loving and tends to like his human better than the herd. He is bombproof and I mean that literally. Every summer the town shoots fireworks right over our property and Rock Star doesn't blink an eye. For a 5 year old that's exceptional. 

We had some starts and stops with trainers in the beginning, but figured out in short order that it was the trainers, not the horse. He has taken to jumping like a pro. He is honest, loves the pace and took first place his first time out. He is learning dressage this winter and does fairly well even though he prefers fast and flying! 

I have attached some pictures so you can see how great he looks. He filled out beautifully after a few months of regular work and with another year's growth his height increased. His coloring will always be unique and striking in the ring! Just hope that you don't see him at a show...cause my horse will beat your horse any day!

Hope all is well at the barn. Best Regards,

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Syler and Sutton Murray

We are so thrilled with Cruiser! He is a true love and we've been having fun riding him. He and Pepper get along great and are true buddies. Thanks for finding us our perfect horse!
Love from the Shepherds

A great big thank you for introducing me to my best friend (besides my hubby, of course!). Bob just lights up my life. We ride everywhere and come spring I want to get a little pony for both Bob and the Grand kids, so we will be seeing you then! 
Carole & Sonny and of course "Bob"

Hi Rich!
I just wanted to give you an update on "Whiz" to let you know how we're all doing. He has the best personality and absolutely loves to be around people just as much as his barn mates. We took him to two shows, over this summer, and have placed in all of our classes riding both english and western. He even got his first blue ribbon in Command class. He's such a good listener and does anything you ask of him. Your flexibility and dedication in finding us the right horse, that suited both our riding abilities, is much appreciated. We couldn't be happier! Good luck in your future endeavors.
Karen Hunter

I just received Spur's (now re-named Raven) registration certificate in the mail and it reminded me that I needed to contact you and tell you how much we love him!! He is a sweet, wonderful horse. I cannot believe how calm he is for such a young horse. The vet described him as "forgiving", and he certainly is that. He patiently takes on whatever this mother/daughter beginner duo can dish out. He works well in the ring and has proved himself to be nearly unflappable on the trail. Everyone at the barn loves him! Thank you again for your patience while we were making our selection. Raven was absolutely the best pick for us, and I thank you for showing us such a wonderful horse.

Hi Rich,
I came across your card and realized that I had never given you an update on my buddy Ghost (Moon Ghost Spirit). He is such a great horse. He and I are getting along great. I am amazed at how smart he is, I am still taking lessons just to catch up to Him. And what a character too! Thanks again,

Hi Rich
I was taking a peek at your website today and was tickled to see a photo of our horse on your main page. We bought Spot (Mr Executive Prince) from you about four years ago, and have loved every minute with him. He's got a great personality, so curious and playful. We've been teaching him tricks like fetch and lie down, Show More...maybe someday we'll take him to the circus (NOT!!). He's an awesome trail horse, you never have to worry when you go out on him. And a bit of a celebrity here at home, the tourists are always stopping us to take pictures of the polka-dot horse! He's the best!...Show Less
Omar and Sheila

Hi Rich
I bought Double in June 2007 and want to let you know that he is doing great! He has a wonderful personality and everyone at the barn loves him. We are now riding dressage and progressing well with only a french link bit. On weekends we trail ride with friends and he loves being a part of a group. He is a willing partner and just what I needed. Thank you for making it possible.
Janice Berman

Hi Rich,
Remember “MEXICO”, the chestnut gelding you sold me in February 2005? He is “Ponderaia’s Rio Grande” now – better known as “RIO HOSS”. Although I still own 4 other horses, he is my exclusive mount. He’s a good boy and I’m very glad I found him through you – thanx much! Here’s what he was doing on Memorial Day. He’s also been Show More...to Crane Beach (a lot) and loves the water (too much!). I’ve written a story about one of our days on Crane which will be published this Fall. I’ll send you a copy....Show Less
Happy trails.
Laine Raia

Perfect is fine, we went to the park over the weekend and he was "Perfect". He really is a nice boy we do enjoy him. He really loves his food that is for sure. Got the Tom Thumb Bit and I thank you for sending it. Please keep in contact with us and keep your eye out for a small horse or large pony for the kids. You have done a great job with Perfect so we have faith in your judgment. Thank you for everything and we will write you in a month or so about Perfect and his new home with us.
Thanks again and Happy Trails,
Donna Pap