Did you know?

There is no one 'right way' to train a horse. Different horses respond best to different methods and various approaches work well at different stages of a horse's development. With over 50 years of experience, the experts at Hollis ranch will use the most appropriate techniques to get the best from your horse, with kindness and respect at the heart of everything we do.








Horse Training, Getting Results with Respect...

Kindness, respect and a good understanding of equine psychology are at the heart of successful horse training. We help your horse want to do what you want him to do: a win-win situation!

Our philosophy is to help you attain both your short and long term goals using a combination of Natural Horsemanship techniques and our combined experience level of over 50 years. 

We believe in attaining these goals by being as gentle as we can, but as firm, consistent and persistent as necessary, all the while NEVER being cruel to or getting angry at the horse.

We believe it is imperative to always keep the Horse's perspective in mind.

The Ultimate Goal is to get RESULTS with horses that are not REACTIVE from FEAR but rather are RESPONSIVE with RESPECT.

Hollis Ranch can help you with:

  • ℧ Colt Starting
  • ℧ Foundation Training
  • ℧ Difficult Horses
  • ℧ Trail Horses
  • ℧ Gaited Horses
  • ℧ Ground Manners
  • ℧ Trailer Loading
  • ℧ English
  • ℧ Western

We can help get your horse doing WHAT YOU WANT and then teach YOU how to KEEP HIM THAT WAY!