Horsemanship Workshops & Clinics

"Improve your Horsemanship Skills and your Relationship with your Equine Partner"

These sessions will create a cleaner and more concise language between you and your horse by utilizing goal setting and positive reinforcement.

Participants will enjoy the benefits of 1 on 1 instruction and positive feedback with both in-hand and under saddle exercises and programs.

We will be OBSERVING, EDUCATING and developing a PLAN for you to work with. The Plan will be put into ACTION during your sessions here at Hollis Ranch.

The goal will be for you to learn and receive a customized Training Plan to take home with you at the end of the sessions. Expect homework!

These sessions are for multi-disciplinary riders, both English and Western riders including Jumping, trailwork, huntseat, Competitive and Pleasure riders, etc.

Additional topics will include:

"Helping you fill in the holes in your horse's foundation."

We will be working with you, at your level, on different areas of ground skills and riding that may be of concern TO YOU. A significant part will be foundation work that, through our experience of handling many horses, we find is often missing. We will be focusing on using lateral work on the ground and in the saddle with the goal of having a softer more balanced horse that is more responsive and less reactive. You are welcome to bring up any issues you might be having with your horse that you would like to work on at the workshop. Riders are encouraged to bring whatever tack and horsemanship tools they have been working with at home.

Contact us for more info & other upcoming workshops.